2009 Favorites

Walt Disney World May 2009

This was one of my first efforts using my new camera.  It was taken at Walt Disney World during Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival in May 2009.

Canon 40D  200mm  F5.6   1/1600 second  ISO 400

Walt Disney World Epcot Canada May 2009

Walt Disney World Epcot Canada Pavillion

Canon 40D   18mm   F10   1/125 second   ISO 100

Four Lakes Golf Club Winter Haven, Florida May 2009

When visiting my mother in May 2009  she took me down to the dock in her community at sunset and I was able to capture this heron.

Canon 40D   f5.6   1/200 second   ISO 400

Four Lakes Golf Club Winter Haven, FL  May 2009

This is the same heron from the previous image.  I was able to capture the shot  just as he began to take flight.

Canon 40D   160mm   f5.6   1/200 second   ISO 400

Four Lakes Golf Club Winter Haven, FL  June 2009

This was taken at sunset.  While visiting my mother in Florida, my sister and I were taking an evening golf cart ride and came across these cranes walking in the pond.

Canon 40D   200mm   f5.6   1/50 second   ISO400


September 2009

Canon 40D  50mm (prime lens)   f2.2   1/100   ISO 200 (hand held)

September 2009

Canon 40D   50mm (prime lens)   f2   1/80 second   ISO 200  (hand held)

Bev's Quilling September 2009

40D   50mm (prime lens)   f5.6   1/60 second   ISO 200  (hand held)

The three images above are of Quilling.  

Quilling is a paper craft, specifically the art of rolling thin strips of paper around a needle-like tool, then shaping those coils into intricate shapes and designs. The word quilling may have come from quillers using porcupine quills to wind the paper around. If you would like to see images of this beautiful art, look up “paper quilling” in Google or any other Search Engine. If you have never seen paper quilling before, prepare to be amazed at the intricate and beautiful designs you will see!

These are just a few of the items my friend Bev Wills has created.  I hope to photograph more on a future visit.


    This was my second attempt working with a macro lens.  My brother has let me use his Canon 100mm f2.8 macro lens.  The more I play with this lens, the more I want one!  It is a fun lens. 

Canon 40D   100mm   f8   1/100 second   ISO 100 (a tripod was used)








Every time I visit Epcot in Walt Disney World, I take a photo of the Torii Gate in the Japan Pavillion.  I have never been satisfied with my images until now.  I think I have finally captured a decent image.  This was taken on my last trip in December 2009.

Canon 40D   35 mm   F14   1/320 second   ISO200



  1. The pictures are all great but I am facinated by the quilling. Those pieces are amazing.

    I am looking forward to following your project in 2010.

    • Thanks, Sandy. The quilling is amazing. Bev has all sorts of items she has created. When Deb and I first saw them we were amazed to find out that it is all paper. She does beautiful work.

  2. Wonderful photo’s Linda !
    The butterfly/flower is beautiful. I love the heron standing on the
    dock, but the one of him taking off is incredible-gives me a sense of the birds power!

  3. Hi Linda,

    My favorite of the group is the first Heron picture. I like the way you captured the dock and the chain in the bottom left. Very nautical!

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