Posted by: lle2010 | January 3, 2010

Week 1

I started to photograph an entirely different subject today.  I found that after about an hour of shooting, I was totally uninspired.  As I sat there looking at my subject, I noticed how the sun was casting shadows on the floor.  It started to intrigue me and then I spent the next 45 minutes photographing shadows on the floor, wall, and then the deck.  After I was done, I realized I really liked the way the shadows were cast on the deck.   When I downloaded the images, I tweaked it and wasn’t really thrilled with it until I made it monochromatic. 

Canon 40D   40mm   f13   1/400 second   ISO 100



  1. You did good catching the grain of the wood, even in the shadows. Not an easy task!

    After the fancy dinner is done (end of the month) we’ll go shoot some stuff!

    • Thanks, Amanda! I’m looking forward to us getting together.


  2. Tom, you have an open invitation. Who knows, you might be the subject of a future photo!


  3. LOVE IT.

    some of the best times in life are spent when the sun is low and you are on a backyard deck cooking or visiting. this picture made me feel good.

    you gonna invite me over for a cosmo on the deck or what????

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