Posted by: lle2010 | January 24, 2010

Week 4

The following photos were taken in one of the many local parks in the area that I live.  I spent time in Seneca Creek State Park.  This park is located in Gaithersburg, MD and covers approximately 6000 acres.  The park offers picnicking, hiking and biking trails, play areas for children and a 90 acre lake.  In the warmer months a boat concession on Clopper Lake rents boats for fishing and recreation.  Private watercraft are permitted throughout the season. 

Of course being January, it is still cold and very much winter.  Most of the lake was covered in ice.  I spent the afternoon walking around the lake and found many opportunities for photos.   I have to say it was fun being out in the fresh air and watching other folks enjoy their afternoon in the park.  I have four photos for this week.  I like each one for a different reason.  The one thing I have begun to realize, is I like images with shadows and reflections.  I am also fond of black and white photos.  I guess this comes from my earlier photography education.  I was taught to shoot and process in black and white film. 

On this particular image, I spent about 30 minutes photographing a tree trunk.  What I was trying to do was play around with the manual settings on the camera.  I wanted to see if I could capture an image that had very drastic lighting.  The ice on the lake was bright with the sun hitting it, but under the tree and the trunk area it was dark.  When I snapped this and reviewed it, I almost deleted it on the spot but I decided not to.  I’m glad I did not.  When I downloaded the image and did some post processing, I really liked what I came up with.  I never got the results I originally wanted, but I’m sure with practice it will happen on a future shoot.  This photo was taken around 2:30 in the afternoon.  To me it has the feel that it is much later in the day.  Backlighting can give some interesting results as you will see with the other photos.

Canon EOS 40D  18-200mm at 24 mm   F/22    1/1250 second    ISO 100

This was taken in the same area as the above photo.  As I was walking toward the lake, I noticed the person standing under the tree.  He  looked lonely silhouetted against the  frozen lake.   My mind immediately starting writing a story about him.  Because of the backlighting, the image had very little color to it so I decided it would have more impact as a black and white photo.

Canon EOS 40D  18-200mm at 100mm   f/11   1/400 second   ISO 100

In this photo I like the long shadows cast from the trees, the touch of blue sky and the reflection of the sun and tree tops in the water close to the shore line.

Canon EOS 40D   18-200mm at 28mm   F/13   1/320 second   ISO 100

I was told a long time ago that when you are out shooting, look everywhere for a potential subject.  That means once in a while look down at your feet.  As I was walking through one of the picnic areas, I spotted this piece of wood.  I noticed the lines and the mold and liked the contrast of light and dark.

Canon EOS 40D   18-200 mm at 110 mm   f/5.6   1/40 second   ISO 100



  1. Hi Linda,
    Just a note about the photo’s. I like the #2-the b & w brings out the solitude of the pic. #3 is my favorite-very unique shot !

    • Thanks, Fay. Those are my two favorites as well.

  2. Hi Linda,

    Pic #2 with the person standing alone under the trees is amazing. All the pics this week are good, but #2 is just awesome.

    Keep up the good art!

    • Tom,

      Glad you enjoyed this week’s picks! I’ll do my best to keep up the good work.

  3. I really love these shots, Linda. Love the backlighting in the first pic — and the shadows make everything so dramatic in the third photo. They really look like something you’d see in a magazine.

    • Thanks, Deb. I hope I can continue to post interesting photos.

  4. Very nice – I’m really enjoying your blog! This week I think it’s a toss up between #2 and #3 – I like the “mysterious” look of #2 (I also prefer black and white photos), while I think #3 truly captured nature in a way not expected.

  5. These are really interesting. I know what you mean about creating your own story for what you see. I like the third one the best.

  6. Thanks, John I’m glad you are enjoying the photos. Now, when am I going to see some of your stuff?

  7. Hi Linda – I’m really enjoying your work! I especially like the partially frozen lake above with the shadows and reflections, very nice!

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