Posted by: lle2010 | February 8, 2010

Week 6

First I apologize that I did not have a post for Sunday.  I am actually on a ship in the middle of the Caribbean.  Modern technology still amazes me.  We are sailing in the middle of the ocean and can still communicate with folks via the internet. 

Deb and I were very lucky that we were able to fly out of Baltimore, MD before the blizzard hit the mid atlantic region.  Our flight was one of the last ones to leave before BWI was shutdown.  The area has seen anywhere from 20 to 32 inches.  We left family and friends behind who are shoveling lots and lots of snow.  Some of these folks had the option to come with us on this cruise, but for whatever reasons chose not to.  I think some of them wish they were on the ship with us now.  We are enjoying our second day at sea and experiencing warm sunny weather with calm seas. We just hope that when we return home, we will be able to get into our home.

The following photo is for those that are dealing with the cold wintery weather.  This morning I strolled on deck just at sunrise, around 6:15 AM.  Here is what I saw.

Canon ESO 40D   18-200mm at 18mm  f7.1  1/125 second  ISO 100 

Since we are on vacation, I hope to have some travel photos for next week.  To all my family and friends dealing with the snow, hang in there!



  1. Sis, I do believe this is one of your best…I like it! As you know I do not post comments a lot but you did a super job capturing the moment so early in the morning onboard a ship. I really like the chairs in-line with the white line leading me to the sunrise. Love, Chet

    • Thanks, Chet! You would know about sunrises on board and your comment means a lot.

  2. Beautiful and wish I was with you two. Of course, now, the way things are going, you might as well stay down there. 🙂

    Looking forward to more warm photos from your vacation.

  3. Thanks everyone! We are enjoying the warmth and the sunshine! I am trying to take lots of photos and hope to have them posted next week. We are going to have our work cut out for us when when return home.

  4. What a picture! I love it, it looks like a travel advertisement. I can just imagine what lies ahead for you on the cruise that day when I see this picture. Enjoy!

  5. Beautiful Linda! I too was up early taking photos today – but I was freezing my butt off! Have a wonderful cruise. Can’t wait to see more of your pics from the trip.

  6. Looks so warm and inviting! Have fun and take lots more photos to share with us!

  7. Beautiful, warm photo. Love the oranges and reds.

  8. That’s gorgeous! Plus it looks so much more inviting than what I’m seeing when I look out my window!

    Looking forward to more cruise pics!

    Have fun!

  9. Love, love, love this!!! (You know what a sucker I am for sunrise or sunset pics). So wish I was there instead of here…especially since I’m still home sick from work 😦

    Enjoy the rest of the cruise – can’t wait to see pics!!!

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