Posted by: lle2010 | February 28, 2010

Week 9

This week I would like to show photos from San Juan, Puerto Rico.  The ship, Royal Caribbean’s Independence of the Seas, was only docked there until about 2:00 pm and then we set sail.  Some day I would like to go back and spend a few more days exploring.

 Because of the short time, we only could do one excursion.  Several of us did the walking tour of the two forts in Old San Juan.   This tour took about 3 1/2 hours and there was extensive walking involved.  The only time spent on a bus was the drive to the fort.  That ride only takes about ten to fifteen minutes.  The rest of the time you are walking…a lot!  Warren was our guide and was full of information and history about Puerto Rico.  I spent most of my time taking photos and only got bits and pieces of his history lesson.

One other plus about visiting the forts, was a few of us was able to get our National Park Passports stamped!  Yes, both forts El Morro Fortress (begun in 1540 and completed in 1589) and San Cristóbal Fort (begun in 1634 and completed in 1771) are part of the U.S. National Park Service and considered National Historic Sites.

The first fort we visited was San Cristobal.  Here are three photos from that visit.  The one thing I discovered on this trip was I was into arches.


Canon EOS 40D  18-200 mm at 28 mm  f8  1/125  ISO 125

What intrigued me about this photo was the juxtaposition of the arch to the straight railing.

Canon EOS 40D  18-200mm at 28mm  f4  1/13  ISO 100

This is one of the tunnels leading to the dungeons.

Canon 40D  18-200mm at 20mm  f3.5  1/20  ISO 3200

As we walked through Old San Juan to El Morro one of the folks spotted this door knocker.  I then noticed that many doors had a similar knocker in various sizes.  I love the patina and weathered look against the wood.

Canon EOS 40D  18-200mm at 70mm  f5.6  1/60  ISO 100

Next are three photos of El Morro.  The first is a path leading to the sentry station.

Canon EOS 40D  18-200mm at 32mm  f11  1/200  ISO 200

One of the many views from El Morro.

Canon EOS 40D  18-200mm  at 28mm  f11  1/250  ISO 200

A closer look at the sentry station.

Canon EOS 40D  18-200mm  at 100mm  f10  1/320  ISO 200

Next week I hope to finish up with the rest of the photos from the trip.



  1. This picture is stunning!!

  2. Hi Linda,

    Great pictures. I especially like picture #3 of the eerie passage way with the earth colors….awesome.

    Keep up the great art!

    • Thanks, Tom! I will keep them coming.

  3. These are wonderful, Linda. Nice compositions on those arches. I wonder what the history behind those door knockers is?

    When I visited PR several years ago, I wandered all over El Morro. It was fun discovering all the nooks and crannies.

    • Scott, I tried to do some research on those door knockers. The best I could find was they are popular in Europe, particularly in France. They have a victorian flair about them. Some acutally are holding an apple or pomergrante. They can be ordered on the internet (what can’t these days) from various suppliers. I started to put some of this in the blog and at the last minute decided not to.

      • Bummer…so much gets lost over time. You know somebody made a decision to use those. Not to mention they must have been expensive compared to a simple one they could have gotten at the local, tinsmith. 🙂

  4. Linda,
    The photos are maaaarvelous and I love the archs as well. I love your blog and look forward to seeing all your photographs for the coming months. You will give me the motivation to take more pictures each day.

    • Thanks, Robin. I hope you get out there and take more photos. That is the only way we get better and start to develop our own style. Have fun with it!

  5. Linda, All of my El Morrow pictures have the sentry stations on the left side of the picture. lol
    I love the door knocker and the first picture. The arches remind me of the cloisters in Europe.

    Looking forward to next weekend.

    • Thanks, Sandy. It was a fun cruise!

  6. Another great set of photos. I’m so glad you’re doing this, I like to see what your eye sees. I really like the first two – I’m surprised you didn’t do the second one in black and white. I think that first one would be beautiful printed out large and framed.

    • Thanks, Barrie. I really like the first one the most. I tried the second in B&W and just didn’t like how it looked. At the end of the year, I plan to make a photo book of all my favorite photos from this year. I’m right there with you about framing the print. I want to frame several of them and display them in the house.

  7. Thanks, Fay. We had a blast! Of course, we were in a warm sunny climate while the rest of the DC area dealt with two major blizzards.

    Hope you had a wonderful trip !

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