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Week 19 – Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer was held in Washington DC last weekend, May 1st and 2nd.  My dearest friend Deb Wills is a 24 year survivor of breast cancer and has participated in this event since 2001.  The walkers walk either 13.1 miles or 26.2 miles the first day and 13.1 miles the second.  There were approximately 3000 participants this year. 

This year she was the number one fund-raiser in DC with over $66,000 and had the honor of speaking at both opening and closing ceremonies.  At opening she shared the stage with five other participants and closing was the guest speaker.  To say the least this was a very emotional weekend. 

We had a few friends join us that weekend.  A few Deb knew would be there and a few were surprises!  Our friend Sandy flew in from Michigan to help with the cheering.  Mike and Mary Newell from New York also joined us.  Mary is a survivor as well and participated in the walk.  Mike joined Sandy and I in cheering duties.  The surprise guests were two friends from Pennsylvania, Jill and Carolyn and our dear friend from North Carolina drove over four hours, one way, just to try to be there for closing.  Unfortunately she did not make it in time, but Deb was very surprised when Cathy did show up.  We were able to spend about 20 minutes with one another and she was back on the road home.  And, last but not least, Deb’s best friend Deb Koma was there at closing to give well wishes, hugs and most importantly video Deb’s speech.  Thank you!  (to view the video click on the link)

After going through about 500 photos, it was extremely difficult to pick and choose what I wanted to post.  I wanted to convey a sense of emotion.  Again, so many to choose from.  This is what I came up with.


An Early Morning Start

Canon EOS 40D  18 -200 mm at 28 mm  f5  1/60  ISO 1600

 They walk in honor of or in memory of.
Canon EOS 40D  18 -200 mm at 40 mm  f5.6  1/200  ISO 400


Some of the Seneca Sisters.  The team Deb Trained with.

Canon EOS 40D  18 – 200 mm  at 28 mm  f4.5  1/60  ISO 400

Deb at Opening Ceremonies

Canon EOS 40D  18 – 200 mm  at 70 mm  f5.6  1/125  ISO 400

The Ribbon she will walk with

Canon EOS 40D  18 – 200 mm at 60 mm  f7.1  1/125  ISO 400

Mike and Mary at mile 26

Canon EOS 40D  18 – 200 mm  at 40 mm  f22  1/250  ISO 1000

Mary and Deb at the Wellness Village

Canon EOS 40D  18 – 200 mm at 18 mm  f8  1/160  ISO 100

Mary and Deb approaching the finish on day 2.

Canon EOS 40D  18 – 200 mm  at 18 mm  f11  1/320  ISO 100

Mary did it!

Canon EOS 40D  18 – 200 mm at 32 mm  f11  1/200  ISO 100

A mother hugs her daughters before crossing the finish.

Canon EOS 40D  18 – 200 mm at 18 mm  f6.3  1/250  ISO 125

I love the pink wigs and the enthusiasm showed by these ladies.

Canon EOS 40D  18 – 200 mm at 60 mm  f7.1  1/60  ISO 125

Some of the Seneca Sisters waiting for Closing to begin.

Canon EOS 40D  18 – 200 mm at 110 mm  f7.1  1/200  ISO 125

The survivors proudly march into closing!

Canon EOS 40D  a8 – 200 mm at 200 mm  f8  1/400  ISO 125

Deb on stage at closing.

Canon EOS 40D  18 – 200 mm at 70 mm  f8  1/250  ISO 125

After the Ribbon Exchange Ceremony

Canon EOS 40D  18 – 200 mm at 50 mm  f8  1/250  ISO 125

Emotions spill forth.

Canon EOS 40D  18 – 200 mm at  200 mm  f5.6  1/160  ISO 125


Survivors celebrate!

Canon EOS 40D  18 – 200 mm  at 70 mm  f6.3  1/100  ISO 125

Support from Deb’s good friend Deb Koma

Canon EOS 40D  18 – 200  at 24 mm  f11  1/250  ISO 125

A surprise visitor from North Carolina, Cathy Bock!

Canon EOS 40D  18 – 200 at 70 mm  f5.6  1/250  ISO 125

For folks that are interested, here are some additional photos of the weekend.


Sandy & Deb                           Opening Ceremonies               Deb & Linda


            Mary & Deb                      Jill, Deb & Carolyn               Seneca Sisters


A moment of silence            This says it all



  1. Lovely collection! I’m looking forward to our Relay for Life in just over a week. I’ve been kind of dragging my feet on the preparations, but your photos have reminded me of all that I love about these events. Well done.

  2. Linda, these are beautiful, amazing photos–though not nearly as beautiful and amazing as the awesome people in them. Thank you so much for capturing this event; your photos truly brought tears and smiles to my eyes just looking at them. The word “inspiring” just isn’t enough.

    • Joan, thank you! Yes, the folks that participant in this event are more than inspiring.

  3. Wonderful, wonderful photos Linda, and not just because I’m in one 😉 Seriously, you’ve done this event proud — the photos tell a beautiful story, beautifully. I’m honored to have been a part of this amazing weekend. Thank you.

    • You are the best, Deb! I too am glad you were there.

  4. Thanks, Scott. I guess it gets a little easier each time one photographs event type situations. And, yes let’s hope one day we can all say there is a cure!

  5. You selected well, Linda. Looks like a beautiful, fun and touching event. Let’s hope it helps to bring more miracles in the future against breast cancer.

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